A Reading List, A Playlist

bookstop9PC: Kevin Tosh

  1. Yvonne Vera: the person and the dreamer by Grace Mutandwa.“When I am not writing, which is most of the time … it is as though I am fasting. I am preparing myself. In other words, I no longer know what it is not to be consumed by writing. I anticipate sitting down with a story the way certain women anticipate lovers – with my breath held still, my knees shaking, a tidy room, a clean petticoat, and with no idea how the evening will turn out – in this case the book.”Continue Reading

A Reading List, A Playlist


Photo: Kevin Tosh. 

  • Freedom Interrogations, by Michael Onsando: “Last night, just before I fell asleep, I thought of a lover.  I often do. I haven’t learned how to put it off yet. Love is always a present, never a past. But there are many things that distract me. Like listening to India Arie and writing. Or, reading My Ngoc talk about pain in more ways that I had previously considered possible. Or going the roof and listening to the silence of a city that dreams of freedom.”Continue Reading