Some Thoughts On The Nest’s “Tuko Macho”

TukoMachoTheNestCollectiveImage: Tuko Macho trailer (Facebook)

There are many things that I like about Tuko Macho. I like that it was made by the same people who created Stories of Our Lives. I like the visual quality, even as I lack the words to describe why exactly. I like the scene in the trailer and the starting credits of the first episode where a parade of askaris are sitting together and one of them breaks the unison of the group to stare directly and dramatically into the camera. And I like that in the closing credits of every episode of Tuko Macho, the phrase “events, people depicted in this series are entirely fictional” appears. Because this disclaimer is not true and it is also not false. Here’s the thing: Tuko Macho delights in taking binaries– fiction/nonfiction, good guy/bad guy, right/ wrong– mixing them up with gorgeous cinematography and acting and then spitting them out so that they are no longer recognizable. This insistence on complexity and on blurring the lines of morality and of storytelling is highlighted even more when placed against the black and white version of justice spearheaded by Biko/Jonah, protagonist/anti-hero of the show.

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Where Have I Seen this Painting Before?

Photos by Kevin Tosh.

“Where have I seen this painting before?”

I’m standing in one of the upstairs rooms of The Art Space gallery when this thought occurs to me. It’s the opening night of David Thuku’s and Michael Musyoka’s exhibition “This for That”. I’ve never met either of the artists before, so it completely blows my mind when I’m hit by a deeply intense feeling of deja vu the moment I walk up the stairs and into this room. While I’m standing there trying to figure it out, Tosh quickly places his finger on why it seems so familiar. Continue Reading

“Stories of the City”: A profile of Elias Mung’ora.

Featuring Elias Mung’ora; Photographs by Kevin Tosh.

Part I: The Meeting.

EM6I first met Elias Mung’ora at January’s dusitD2 Nairobi Gallery Exhibition. I noticed his work as the evening was coming to an end, and the first painting that I saw evoked… something I can’t really explain… in me. It was a scene from the city, and I could almost imagine myself standing within the painting as I looked at it: waiting to cross Wabera Street and watching vehicles approach and people walk towards Steers and Trattoria on the other side. But then there was also a green haze hanging over the scene, making it feel like the whole thing would have been happening in a dream.

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On Surfaces and Depth.

Ichyulu3Photographs: Kevin Tosh.

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while now (although I suppose another way to say it would be that I’ve been “lulling over this post”). You know when you have so many thoughts that the only way to put them in words is to write them down, but then writing them down only makes them feel more and more confused and at some point you’re kinda tripping over everything and you can’t really tell whether there’s a point or whether the point will be legible to anyone reading except for yourself or whether even *you* can actually see the point? Well. Yes. That.

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