In Groups of Three.

  1. It has been seven months since my last (legit) post.
  2. That sentence sounds like I’m in confession.
  3. That title is inspired by the refrain of a childhood game. I don’t quite remember which game but here’s three things on my mind: 

1. The liberating power of “I don’t know”. I wish we didn’t attach so much shame to ignorance or to “stupidity”. It’s so freeing to be open to the possibility (nay, the truth) that there’s so many things you don’t know. The world is vast and massive. It’s OK to not know other things, and it’s OK to bask in the freedom of acknowledging our ignorance about lived experiences that are different from ours. This is something that I’ve been mulling over for a while.

2. Is it possible to be brimming with faith and brimming with fear at the same time?

3. Somi is bae. #gingermeslowly.

Photo: Dhvani Tombush