A Reading List, A Playlist

bookstop9PC: Kevin Tosh

  1. Yvonne Vera: the person and the dreamer by Grace Mutandwa.“When I am not writing, which is most of the time … it is as though I am fasting. I am preparing myself. In other words, I no longer know what it is not to be consumed by writing. I anticipate sitting down with a story the way certain women anticipate lovers – with my breath held still, my knees shaking, a tidy room, a clean petticoat, and with no idea how the evening will turn out – in this case the book.”

  2. The Thought Process of Waiting For a Text by Amelia Diamond.“Back to ignoring my phone. I’m watching all of these blissfully ignorant people on TV laugh and high five about how awesome their allergy medicine is. They are probably all in meaningful relationships with people who TEXT BACK–”
  3. The Personal Investment in Following a Dream by Lupita Nyong’o. “And so it was not until I had opened myself up to the possibility of failing that I was able to find success in clown class. Without the possibility of being bad, you will never be extraordinary.”
  4. Proudly African: Cabo Verde by Marleny Darosa. “I still hold memories from my African friends telling me I was not “African enough” because of my light skin and curly hair. Those simple words were like a sword to a freshly cut wound that continued to fuel my insecurities and lack of interest in my culture. My mother would always tell me to not pay them any mind and instead to embrace all that was wonderful and exceptional about our culture.”