Sorry for the Delay: March 2016

DearDiaryMarch4 Photo by Kevin Tosh

Things I’ve been thinking about in the time that I was away: how social media (and blogs) can give us only snippets of a person’s reality; how getting to know people as human beings humanizes them in ways that even the best literature or the best films or the best interviews cannot; how much knowing people– actually knowing them– takes them from a flat idea to something much more concrete, more nuanced and more complicated. And, how liberating it can be to not carry the burden of being a nice person.
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Where Have I Seen this Painting Before?

Photos by Kevin Tosh.

“Where have I seen this painting before?”

I’m standing in one of the upstairs rooms of The Art Space gallery when this thought occurs to me. It’s the opening night of David Thuku’s and Michael Musyoka’s exhibition “This for That”. I’ve never met either of the artists before, so it completely blows my mind when I’m hit by a deeply intense feeling of deja vu the moment I walk up the stairs and into this room. While I’m standing there trying to figure it out, Tosh quickly places his finger on why it seems so familiar. Continue Reading