Kleine4Photos by Kevin Tosh.

Two things: if unusual shots of little items removed from their context and disembodied hands are your thing, then boy oh boy do I have a treat for you. As I discovered while taking these photos, playing around with different arrangements of miniature baskets and little items can be a very therapeutic experience and a good antidote to stressing about your own life or about choices that other people are making that have nothing to do with you or about all of the things in this universe that you have no control over.

With that, I’ve made a deal with myself (even though I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions plus technically I started before January so is it an end year resolution?) to spend 2016 doing less criticizing and more arranging of miniature baskets.

The second: As I was going through journal entries for 2015 I came across something I wrote a while back, in June that seems constantly relevant:

“An artist does not belong to us just because they wrote a couple of songs that we like, or because we were obsessed over their first couple of books, and so on. An artist’s allegiance is to their personal truth and to their art. But sometimes when we receive the art or other form of self expression, as an audience, we get so attached to it that we forget that at the end of the day, it– and the artist– does not belong to us. The artist belongs to themselves. Their art is about fulfilling a primal need to express.”

Peace, love and pumpkins,



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