Dear Diary: (Mid-)December 2015

MidDecPC: Kevin Tosh.

One of my favorite Sara Bareilles’s songs is Brave. But really, any song by Sara Bareilles is a favorite of mine. To steal my sister’s words: “Sara Bareilles is my spirit animal.” Right now, I’m obsessing over and listening to She Used to Be Mine as I write this. (Before I go on any further, I feel that it is necessary to send a shoutout to my friend J who’s been making fun of me and my relative musical illiteracy, yes, J, I do listen to and know a few songs here and there. :p )

Brave is important because recently, I’ve found myself spending time around a group of people whose commitment to and passion for their art has me super inspired. I used to be a part of an arts organization in college whose motto was to “create art and live it” and now that I’m out, to see human beings who are committed to doing that in their day to day lives– who literally live art– like, woah, I don’t think I could possibly put in words all the kinds of feelings that it inspires in me. And beyond that, I find myself feeling challenged and wanting to do more and to just do. It’s crazy. Here’s to hoping some of that passion rubs off of me. To hopefully a 2016 full of creativity and creating and courage.

Well really, that’s it. It’s been a nice oasis in the middle of a lot of sucky things happening. So yes, a little post to all of the people whose amazing art will shape the narrative of Nairobi, of Kenya, of Africa, for millennia to come. The other night my friend, leaned over and spoke into my ear, in a nightclub, over the sound of loud music vibrating at our feet and over the sound of people talking loudly over the sound of loud music vibrating at our feet: Do you think that this is it? That people will look back at Nairobi now the way we look back at Paris of the 19th Century? Like an artistic renaissance? And I said, and still think, yes, yes, yes. Absolutely, yes. 

A quote, and a Playlist

“One of the responsibilities [of a poet] is to mediate between the unborn and the dead; we must feel ready to answer, as if asked by the dead if we have handed on what they gave us, or asked by the unborn what we have for them.”

– Robert Pinsky (via Ngwatilo Mawiyoo)

  • African Woman- Kato Change
  • Hello (Swahili Cover)- Dela Maranga
  • She Used to Be Mine- Sara Bareilles
  • Magic- Coldplay
  • Ave Cesaria- Stromae