Dear Diary: November 2015

Clockwise from top left: 1.Thanksgiving in Nairobi OR #Friendsgiving OR “the night before the morning when leftovers accidentally ended up in the trash and we almost cried because of baked Turkey” , 2.Raining Pink Blossoms, 3. Praying for #Everywhere, 4.Sister Sister (Sister). 

Still in a quiet mood, so I’m going to do this with lots of photos and a short listicle instead of a free form paragraphs like the last one.

Reflecting on my own privilege after the photo exhibition this past weekend by Food for Education. Follow them on Instagram to see how you can support their work during the month of December.

Wishing that open borders were a thing. And kind of related to that– if you’ve seen her TED talk you’ll know what I mean– I am… Feeling excited to finally hear that I finally get to watch and listen to Taiye Selasi in person in a few hours.

Reading: (revising) my own work and reading a few random websites and a friend’s amazing poetry blog.

Trusting that things will be OK. They have to be, right?


1. Baha’i Church, 2. New friends old friends, 3. camel milk chocolate, 4. meeting Ory Okolloh.

AkxPGS6HJRUwywJgRgvhZb07bUYTqcPEvQr6qhT1ESql“I want freedom, the right to self expression, everybody’s right to beautiful, radiant things… [if I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution].” – Emma Goldman. PC: Kevin Tosh.


1. Fireworks, 2.&3. Candles and 4. “We have the same last name so it’s possible were related”.AjgIkfBy63PS-l-GkomMNU8fYqeDfuQNsWSsfbH2c3-A

1. Little things and Adele-inspired captions (“Hello, it’s me.”), 2.&4. Food For Education and the 43%, 3. Lunarbaboon toons.