ShadowsPhotographs by Kevin Tosh.

  1. I initially wanted to name this post “Shadows” but in the final hours before posting, the one word “Quiet” won the auction in my head. So, here we are. Which makes sense, really because:
  2. Darkness and quiet go hand in hand on some occasions: the hours just before the sun starts rising and before the birds start chirping; when you’re just about to fall asleep at night, the “pregnant pause” before a stage performance.
  3. I’m in a quiet mood of late. Wanting to gather all of my thoughts close to me, and to express myself in ways that are not verbal. Writing and speaking take energy. Sometimes you need the refuge of stillness to regroup. 

But, wait! before I go (quiet), two things. The first: I just discovered Stromae a little while ago and now I have trouble getting him out of my head thanks especially to the song “Papaoutai”. I don’t understand French, but I found out the meaning of the song thanks to the Internet, and thought it so strange that something so sad could be sung in such a way as to make you want to dance till you drop. The other: does anyone know what language the theme song of Escrava Isaura is in?


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