Soapie Tropey Part VI/ BTS


The One that Keeps Coming Back to Life

(Alias: The Cockroach)

Cockroaches can survive a nuclear attack, and so can some soap opera characters. They live through earthquakes, fires, storms, road accidents, gunshots. Basically, they are so valuable to the storyline that no matter what happens, you can be sure that you’ll be seeing them in the next episode. Or a few episodes down the line. Or sometimes many episodes down the line. Unfortunately, this trope failed to prepare us for cases when the character actually died, or for modern day dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy or Game of Thrones, where writers massacre main characters left, right and center with not an iota of mercy. Why did McDreamy have to die, Shonda, whyyyyyy?

If they were your friend, 

Well it would be super creepy tbh. They’re a single human being but like a cat with nine lives. Your feelings about them are part freaked out, part relieved when they emerge from ridiculous situations still standing. Also, it’s worth saying that there’s something kind of inspiring about this character and the way that they exemplify resilience. One might say, even, that we should all aspire to be cockroaches in our daily life. To rise from the ashes like a phoenix. To emerge victorious from the deepest depths of darkness… you get the point.

Guyss, I’m so sorry. I have this terrible thing where I start/ try to work on multiple things at the same time and something ultimately falls off the wagon as I scramble to keep it all together. That said, I really hope you enjoyed keeping up with the posts. Soap operas, especially Latin American and Philippine soaps, were some of my earliest exposure to what storytelling could look like, and it was great fun to create this series as a nod of sorts to that formative experience of my childhood. Special thanks to Kui and Shad for agreeing to let me borrow their faces. And as always, to Kevin Tosh for translating my all over the place ideas and thoughts into concrete, gorgeous reality. If you’ve likes the pictures, please head on over to his Instagram to see more of his work. 

And now, because there is a finite number of ways Kui could depict the cockroach character, here are a few BTS photos from the shoot. Happy Tuesday!

“So, you want me to hold this flower and do what… exactly?” Shad gets into character for his fifteen minutes of fame.
MICS (Men In Checked Shirts)