Soapie Tropey: Part V


The Twins. (Alias: Paula/ Paulina).

Photographs by Kevin Tosh

Generally speaking, there are two types of twins in soapies:1. where the entire story revolves around the two switching places, and 2. where the switching of places is introduced somewhere down the line as a plot twist. But either way, the twins are pretty self explanatory. They are twins. They look identical.

They are also often a combination of two tropes already discussed: WWW (the Wicked Witch of the West) and Ms. Sugar and Spice. ie. one of the twins is a good person who’s just trying to be in love and happy and her twin is the WWW who shakes things up.

If they were your friends:

You would constantly struggle to tell them apart. On television it’s because they’re usually played by one person who switched back and forth between the two different roles. In real life you might be able to tell them apart the longer you know them, which is very cool when it does happen.

 A side: earlier this year these three students in Ireland set out on a project to find their look alikes, or their “twin strangers” and one of them actually found two of her “twins” and did videos with both of them where you get to see them side by side. Isn’t it cool? what do you think?

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