Soapie Tropey Part IV

The Guy That Everyone Wants (Alias: Alejandro)

Photography by Kevin Tosh.

But of course, what would our soapie be without “The Guy”? The Guy holds within his hands our hopes and dreams for the soap opera, and has the power to keep our candle of hope burning or to extinguish it through his actions. If he ends up with Ms. Sugar and Spice too quickly, then we have no reason to keep watching the rest of the series. But too long and we could lose all hope, so he has to keep the suspense ever present and ever building but not so high that we give up on them.

Being The Guy is a delicate act that has been perfected over many years of soapie glory. Side: does anyone remember the actor Mario Cimarro? He was Antonio in La Mujer de mi Vida and the sexy man in that show about a woman whose husband died and then came back to life in a younger man’s body. Fun fact: he recently was named Glamour’s sexiest actor alive for the last two years! No surprise there.

If he was your friend,

OK, first, yes I know it’s possible that he could be that friend that you’re secretly or not so secretly in love with yourself but we’re going to go with the purest form of ‘friendship’ here. So with that…

if he was your friend, and not your “friend”.

Honestly, he’s probably that guy whom many people find to be incredibly attractive but whom you’ve brother-zoned so completely that you don’t even see it. You probably spend a lot of time looking at the drama around him and thinking “really? Like yeah, I guess you’re kind of cute and you have a nice bod but just… really?” If he was your friend you’d probably beg him to be proactive and spare us all the trouble of weekend after weekend of hearing about how he and Ms. Sugar and Spice were at the brink of a passionate kiss only for– *Theme Song plays*

Special thanks to the Shad for agreeing to pose for this. And I hope that you will forgive me. 😛

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