Soapie Tropey: Part III


The Wicked Witch of the West (Alias: Rubi)

Photography by Kevin Tosh.

The Wicked Witch of the West keeps the wheels spinning. She singlehandedly is responsible for most of the “opera” in “Soap Opera”. She favors dark red lipstick and heavy eyeliner TOGETHER, even though all of the fashion rules say not to, but let’s be real, the WWW doesn’t follow the rules.

Sadly, she’s guaranteed a very unhappy ending when the series wraps up (dead, in a sanitarium, face mauled) because of all of the terrible things that she’s done to keep our show’s protagonists apart. Soap opera justice is not at all kind to her.If she was your friend: 
You’d maybe suggest she take it a little easy as far as the heavy makeup, or maybe you’d be borrowing a leaf/ a whole tree from her and breaking fashion and makeup rules yourself. You might ask her to give you tips on how to do the perfect maniacal laugh.Truthfully, you often you don’t understand why she’s so evil, probably because there is no real reason, beyond the fact that the series creators needed someone to keep the soapie running for as many episodes as possible by keeping the protagonists apart (so that they could sell more soap). Speaking of which…Up Next: The Boy That Everyone Wants.


The WWW huffs and puffs after her diabolical plans have been foiled.


Wangui’s attempt at depicting the WWW’s trademark evil cackle.