Soapie Tropey Part I. 

SoapieFootCandle An Introduction

Photography by Kevin Tosh.

A bit of soapie trivia for all you soap opera lovers and haters out there: the first soap opera was aired on October 20th 1930 and it was a radio show. And this you probably know: the name soap opera is because a. they were sponsored by detergent companies wishing to market their products to housewives, hence the “soap” and b. they were and still are very dramatic, hence the “opera”.

If you grew up like me, this is for that certain soapie you weren’t allowed to watch as a kid because it came with an “over 18” age restriction, but which went on for so many years that it was still airing when you finally turned 18. This is for the shorter lasting but no less dramatic South American and Philippine soaps which had English translations dubbed over the original language but sometimes the voices were out of sync with the movement of the actors’ lips.In the years since that first soap opera, a lot has changed about this storytelling form, but also a lot has stayed the same. The next few posts are a tribute to this almost 85 year old phenomenon: to the hours spent watching, recapping and dissecting these shows, and to the characters we came to love, to hate and to expect from our soapies.