So Long, Goodbye.


Part II: Teresia

Photography by Kevin Tosh
 (See here for Part I)

Their compartment was dusty, and there was nothing that bothered Teresia more than dust. She would find herself imagining the tiny particles settling on her hand, embedding themselves in the grooves on her palm, collecting one after another until her hand was traced over with microscopic brown, or black or red lines.

She took a wet wipe out of her bag and first, wiped her hands. Then the table, twice over. Then her seat. Finally, she could breath a bit, and settled down to read a newspaper she had started reading at the station platform as they were leaving.  She leafed through the first few pages. Bad news. Bad news. More bad news. There was always something bad happening in the news. She sighed and glanced over at her sister, who was still staring forlornly out the window, and took a leather bound journal out of her bag.

​Dear Diary,
We finally got on the train and are moving now!!! It would be very exciting if this place wasn’t so disgusting and we weren’t swimming in dust. And of course it doesn’t help that Agnes, sitting across from me right now, is sulking like it’s the end of the world, but even that won’t dampen my spirits about this. New town.  New home. (NEW BOYS!!) Stone City was always too small for my personality anyway, and I can’t wait to be a part of the social scene at Gecko City. For the nightlife. And did I mention the BOYS?!  Eeek! I’m so excited I could dance, but our coach is so little that that’s not an option. I’m so bored. I  tried to read the newspaper a little bit but as usual, the only news that makes it into the news is bad news. Like, why can’t we have good news for a change? Why can’t they have a front page headline about all the puppies that were born yesterday? Why isn’t the lifestyle section of the newspaper longer than just the middle 10 pages?? Aaargh! I’m so hungry…. And the dust problem. God, seriously, you’d think people would be more careful about letting dust settle in public spaces like this. It’s a health hazard! One day, if I ever run for an governor’s seat or something, I’ll make sure I change that. Also, yes, wearing white was maybe a bad idea, but I thought it would be such an optimistic statement! I mean, look at Agnes and her all black everything. Suuure she escapes the worry about dust messing up her outfit but really? Is that a way to make your entrance into a new city? Everyone will think she’s so WEIRD. Which she is, but since we’re stuck together I have to make sure that they don’t think she’s too weird or else I’ll suffer from weirdness by association. At the very least I must try to get her to wear something on top of that. Maybe I have a sweater somewhere here, or a colorful scarf… OK, I’m huuungry, Lemme go get something to eat.  Later, Diar-ator (Hihi!!)