Awoke1Images (and for more pictures + the story behind the collaboration): Binty Gakii
Words by me.
You know-
it’s funny:
you don’t know that you’re asleep
until the day you start to rouse.
 when the restlessness burns through your veins:
and your limbs begin to twitch: craving motion,
craving freedom,
craving more.But once it happens
you feel so strange; to think you once
had no idea what it feels like–
to trust in promises of forever,
to be ablaze in a love more fierce
than anything you previously thought possible,
to let yourself fall with reckless abandon.
And sometimes– to have to quilt yourself back together
When that love has broken you to jagged pieces.When the world comes into focus
it strikes you that you must have been asleep:
how else could you have missed
the creases of story on this planet’s face?
its lines of joy, of wisdom, of sadness, of shame–
the thin ones in this incredible space
where unbearable beauty meets unbearable pain.
To be alive and to be awoke
is to live in constant danger
to know how this moment is brief
but yet so full of Glory, just like blossoms.And dangerous, also, because
there’s something powerful and frightening
about a woman,
(or any human being, really)
who, no longer asleep,
is shedding off layers of tales
she’s been told about herself all these years–
and choosing, now,
to write herself afresh.